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Weigh My Options

I often meet clients when they are starting to think about their next career step.


Some people have a vague sense that something needs to change. Other people have gotten signs that it’s time to figure things out from bosses or loved ones.


“Next steps” come in all shapes and sizes. People look for new jobs, new industries, new careers and new directions and more money, growth, meaning, satisfaction and flexibility.


If you are thinking about your next step, I can help you get a clear sense of direction, evaluate your options and plan your next move.


I can also help you avoid common pitfalls, like:

  • Overlooking options (e.g., not asking for a raise before seeking a higher-paying job)


  • Living in limbo (not answering questions like, Is what I want possible? Is it too late to change?)


  • Making bad trade-offs (e.g., landing a higher-paying job but struggling with a micro-manager)


  • Not testing assumptions (e.g., learning a job isn’t glamorous only after you start it).   

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