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Handle a

Problem or Crisis

Work problems and crises include situations where people need to deal with things they don’t feel prepared to handle or sudden new realities.

For example, situations include lay-offs, industry closures, getting fired, negative performance reviews, making major mistakes at work, needing to take sick leave, coping with the fallout from COVID, graduating from school and retiring.

Problems and crises throw people off balance. They are disruptive and can have unexpected impacts, including on:

  • daily routines

  • your sense of identity, self-worth and purpose

  • finances and your sense of security and control

  • relationships

  • ability to imagine a future for yourself.

They often trigger emotional roller coasters. People cycle through feeling numb, confused, lost, scared, surprised, sad, angry, frustrated and embarrassed. 

It takes time to come to terms with crises. It helps to have someone in your corner who can help you get your bearings. 

We can start by helping you get through the emotional roller coaster. When people get a better handle on their reactions, they can start to think more clearly and assess their situations realistically. Most importantly, they can avoid making decisions based on fear and desperation. 

Next, we can take stock of your circumstances, resources and supports. With this information, we can investigate options and create action plans (immediate, short- and long-term) to help you get back on your feet.

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