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Get Ahead at Work

Workplaces are often ‘sink or swim’ settings.


You either automatically get how things work, or you don’t.


Often little support is available: co-workers are too busy and organizations don’t investment in development.

This doesn’t mean that people can’t learn the ropes, get ahead and be more strategic. It just means people are in charge of their own development.

If you are struggling to find your way in an organization and want to make a name for yourself and move up (without ever being sneaky, dishonest or sucking up), I can help.


Getting ahead at work includes things like: 

  • Understanding culture and preferred ways of doing things

  • Building professional confidence 

  • Understanding your boss’s priorities

  • Getting noticed by your boss

  • Getting good assignments or projects 

  • Connecting with people who can support your career

  • Making the most of performance reviews

  • Negotiating raises or promotions


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