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Get a Job

It’s easy to dislike job searches. Applications are tedious. Rejection stings. Uncertainty is hard to handle. 

​However, there is some good news: 

It Just Takes Some Practice

Thankfully looking for work isn’t rocket science. Most of what you need to do to succeed just takes practice.

Practicing makes a big difference. You stop feeling like employers hold all the power and like you need to jump at any offer. 

You Control Key Things 

You control 3 things that are key to landing jobs: your attitude, appearance and ability to tell relevant stories about your career.

These 3 things are quick, easy and cost-effective ways to stand out compared to getting more experience or education.  

Support Makes a Difference

Few people think to get help with job searches.

Until everyone catches on, it’s an easy way to separate yourself from the pack.  

Avoid Formal Applications & Competition

If you’re open to talking to people, you can often avoid formal application processes and competition altogether. 


If you’re ready to tackle a job search, I can help you with the following: 

  • Naming Your Skills & Strengths

  • Identifying Compatible & Toxic Workplaces 

  • Finding Unadvertised Positions

  • Writing & Rehearsing Career Stories 

  • Marketing Your Skills on Paper & Online 

  • Understanding Interview Processes & Etiquette

  • Preparing for Interviews & Speaking about Career History Issues

  • Understanding Job Offer & Negotiation Etiquette 

  • Negotiating Salary & Benefits

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