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Does Career Counselling Work?

People come to career counselling looking for different types of support and report benefiting in different ways. Some of the following benefits may resonate with you:


Many people believe the myth that career paths are linear. If so, you might be relieved to discover that career challenges are common and to learn more about how people overcame the same challenges facing you.

Comfort, Support & Encouragement

To get going in the right direction, you might just need a place to collect your thoughts, talk to someone who understands, recognizes your strengths and encourages you to keep going.

Momentum, Commitment & Accountability

You might find career counselling helps you get started, keep focused and stay accountable to your goals.

Clarity & Structure

Having someone at your side to help guide you through a structured process can help you feel clear about what you need to do and why.

Neutrality or Navigating Decisions with Others

People who love us have often have strong opinions about what's best for our careers. You could  benefit from using counselling as a neutral place to figure out what's important to you or to learn more about how to navigate shared decision-making.


Help with Activities You Can't Do Alone

You can benefit practicing career conversations with me and polishing your approach to networking, interviewing and negotiating. You can also ask me for honest feedback about how you present yourself to others, so that you can do your absolute best when it really counts.



Avoid Common Pitfalls & Save Money, Time & Effort

I can help you avoid common pitfalls like procrastinating, living with unanswered questions and spamming employers with generic resumes. Avoiding pitfalls saves you time, money and wasted effort. 

Competitive Advantage

I can help you develop career-related skills that give you a competitive edge over candidates who don't know or choose not to get additional support.

Reduce Uncertainty & Risk

I can help you figure out ways to test-drive options to minimize uncertainty and risks so those changes you want to make feel more do-able.

Improved Relationships

Career challenges often negatively impact close relationships. Once you start taking action in career counselling, you can begin to recognize the toll things were taking and see improvements in your relationships with others and yourself.

Skills for Life

You can learn skills in counselling that will serve you for the rest of your career.

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