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Professional Biography Tips for Counsellors

1 hour webinar for counsellors, therapists and social workers.  We'll review a comprehensive checklist, reflect on strategies for managing what comes up when we sit down to write and go over common difficulties that show up on the page when we're feeling off about our practices.

Canadian Workplace Culture

1 hour webinar for international students discussing expectations in Canadian workplaces, such as what counts as being "on time", how to communicate and handle problems like Canadians.

Canadian Interview Preparation

1 hour webinar for international students covering Canadian interview formats, dressing for Canadian interviews, personal qualities desired by Canadian employers and what to expect in online interviews.

Preparing Canadian Job Applications

1 hour webinar for international students reviewing Canadian formats, standards and "rules" for job applications, including information Canadian employers expect to see and what they don't want to see.

Managing Career & Life Transitions Workshop 

1 hour workshop for people who are in transition or contemplating making a change designed to help people understand the stages of transition, their characteristic ways of responding to change and strategies for managing change.