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Change Careers

After you think about your next step and decide to change careers, the big question changes from "Should I do this?!" to "How exactly can I do this?!"

There's a lot to consider.

I'm knowledgeable about the following areas:  

Transition Plan

People have different timelines for transitioning to a new career, depending on their finances, education requirements and non-work commitments etc.

I can help you create a transition plan that works for you.

Skills Analysis & Translation 

Most people have trouble naming & discussing their skills.

I can help you identify transferable skills and discuss them without using industry jargon that people may not recognize.

Get Buy-In from Others

To get your foot in the door in a new career, you need to persuade others that your career change makes sense.

I can help you tell a credible story that draws people in. 

Handle Strong Opinions 

People will form opinions about your career change and like it or not, you’re going to hear them.

I can help you navigate these conversations with ease and grace. 

Connect with New Communities & Supporters

Life can get lonely during a career change as you transition into a new work community.    

I can help you connect with new communities and supporters.

Adopt a New Mindset

Industries, companies and jobs each have different mindsets (i.e., focus, set of priorities, way of defining and solving problems and cultures). 

I can help you learn about the mindset in your new career and dissect the differences from your former career so that you can start adjusting and sounding like an industry insider.


My Career Change

I became a career counsellor 20 years into my career. It felt like coming home because I've always looked for opportunities to help people face challenges and grow.

There are two surprises from changing careers that still stand out.

I was surprised that I didn’t leave my education and experience behind. In my old roles, I essentially helped people navigate systems and develop new skills. To a large degree, that's what I continue to do now, just in a different domain.

I was also surprised to learn more than just a new job. I came to see the value in approaching problems and the world in different ways. I started to question commonly accepted wisdom and test my assumptions. Instead of just fearing risks, I began to look for ways to minimize them.  I experimented with following my instincts and finding ways around obstacles.


I enjoy working with career changers and helping them discover their own surprising benefits.

My Career Change
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