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Working in Legal

Support Doesn't Need to be a Four-Letter Word

In law, support is largely still a four-letter word.

Lawyers are extremely capable. They are professional problem solvers who get the job done.

Because of this, getting support is often seen as shameful, proof of personal failure and something only other people need to do.

When lawyers do ask for help, these feelings tend to fade quickly.

Lawyers discover that their concerns are common. They realize that strategies and solutions are available (albeit quite different from the types used to solve legal problems). It doesn't take long for them to excel at leveraging supports.

Career Support for Lawyers

Having been there myself, I understand the culture within law firms, the pressures and the critical importance of confidentiality.

I enjoy helping lawyers navigate entry into the profession, find their niches within it and find ways to use legal skills in new career pursuits.

My Legal Background

Before my career change, I practiced corporate and securities law for 6 years in Vancouver at a national and boutique firm. I have also worked as a corporate paralegal and provided legal software support to many firms in Western Canada.

While in law, I volunteered with LAP, mentored junior associates, articling students and paralegals, served on Dal Law's Admissions Committee, helped host on-campus recruitment events and establish an alumni mentorship program.

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